Adopting Star: About me

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a family doctor (GP) in the UK, I am married and have two birth children, Hannah (7) and Ben (5), our youngest daughter Star (4) joined our family through adoption.

Star is beautiful, she lights up the room. She is truly one of the most brave and resilient people I have ever met. Oh yes, she also happens to have Down syndrome.

I began writing the blog when Star had been living with us for just under a year. And what a year it had been!!! I felt like there were so many experiences we had lived through but that I had not processed. Writing my blog helps me to do that.

My blog begins by telling the story of how I (slowly) came to realise that God was calling us to adopt. It truly was an unexpected journey for me. As I write, I realise I have learnt so much about God, his love for me and his faithfulness.

This blog is not chronological (!) mainly because my brain isn’t very chronological at the moment.

The Incarnation explains the turning point for me in terms of realising God was speaking to me about adoption.

Searching is the point at which I first saw my lovely Star.

I have really enjoyed being part of the blogging community. I love reading other people’s stories, I love reading and seeing pictures of people and places all over the world. The stories I love the most are usually about Jesus, his love, about honest faith in hard places and most of all of hope overcoming fear.

I am planning to keep sharing stories of what God is teaching me on our journey. I am also writing a post entitled “what I wish I could say to my patient with a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.” 

Thank you for stopping by, if you have time, please comment and share some of your story too.

Love Jane xx

(In order to protect my children, some names have been changed.)


12 thoughts on “Adopting Star: About me

  1. Good, beautiful and true

    p.s. I love the format of your blog. If you don’t mind a question from a newbie, how were you able to shorten your posts and then put the “read more” button on them. I wanted to used this template but was not able to figure that step out.


    1. Hi, thank you for your kind comments and following! In terms of the read more- it just happened automatically when I changed to this format . However if you are struggling you could ask on the community pool on Daily Post. I also read a great blog on tips for newbies on a blog called TheDaddyBlitz I think it might be on there. Hope that helps! Jane xx

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  2. Thank you for posting about your children. I look forward to reading more. You asked for stories about struggles. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and have been blogging about my journey. God’s faithfulness has been overwhelming. This is a link to one of my first posts about BC I hope you are having a great day!

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    1. Hi Fluffy girl, thank you for your question. As I understand it there is quite a big difference between the UK and the US system for adoption. In the UK very few children are given up for adoption. Most of the children who need a forever home are in foster care because their birth family weren’t able to care for them safely. Here in the UK adoptive parents pay for some things – their own medical fees, some court applications, some additional training. There is also a long approval process before you can start searching for your child.

      I wrote about the reason we decided to adopt in

      I wrote about the first time I saw Star in

      I wrote a bit about the approval / linking process in

      I hope these answer your question!

      Thank you again for taking time to read and comment it means so much to me

      Jane xx


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