School pick up and the “walk of shame”

I dislike the school playground.

I find it a lonely place, where I just don’t quite fit in. My children go to a village school. Due to new houses being built the school has grown rapidly over the last decade and there is now a greater social mix of “village = posher people” and ” new estate = less-posh people.” The village people have all known each other since childhood and the new estate people see each other more, as they live close together and might share lifts and child care.

We don’t fit, we live in the village but we are “in-comers.” Someone once told me that it takes 25 years to be accepted in a village. And right now that feels true….

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“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”

Have you ever been trying to teach your children something about God and realised that it is you who (still) needs to hear this lesson?



That happened to me the other day.

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