Treasuring Ordinary Moments

When my eldest daughter was born so many people said to me:

Treasure every moment

It goes so fast

Make sure you enjoy it

And if I am honest I found that a huge pressure and it made me feel guilty.

Guilty that I wasn’t enjoying things enough.

That I haven’t got neatly made baby books and journals detailing every event of their first years.

Ben cried for so many months, that I can barely remember his first birthday party.

However I did start a silly little habit on our weekly supermarket shop.

Believe me at the time I was not treasuring taking my baby girl around the supermarket, I remember the time Hannah aged about 15 weeks, screamed virtually all the way around.

So, exhausted, when we finally got to the car with our full trolly I started a game.

I would say:

“What is the most precious thing Mummy has in this trolly?…”

“You are, you go in first.”

As the years went by and Hannah grew, and Ben was born and I would say

“What are the most precious things I have? “

Ben and Hannah would replywith broad smiles: “us.”

And then after Star joined our family, the reply changed to:

“Hannah, Ben and Star”

And I laugh and say,

“Okay then you go in the car first.”

It was always the same, whenever and wherever  we got back from shopping. They are the most important thing in my world, not stuff. They get in the car first. The trolly full of all its newly bought items can wait until my children are safe.

Today Hannah and I went shopping on our own. I didn’t park in the Mother and child parking, and Hannah commented on this.

“I am big now so we can leave that space for someone who needs it.”

She pushed the trolly around the supermarket, and when we got back to the car, she opened her door and jumped right in.

No need for my game anymore.

She is big, I will never lift her out of the trolly again. I haven’t done so for years.

And I guess that is what those people were trying to tell me.

Treasure those ordinary moments, because one day you will realise that that stage has passed. You will wish that your oldest could be 3 again – just for a moment – so you could lift her out of the full shopping trolley and tell her she is the most precious thing in your world, just one more time.

Do you have a way of telling your children how much you love them as you go about your ordinary life?  I would love to hear your stories, especially for older children.


6 thoughts on “Treasuring Ordinary Moments

  1. Someone once told me to “treasure every moment because you never know when it might be the last.” I questioned what that meant (as it sounded kind of morose) and was told that “kids grow so fast there will be many firsts but also many lasts.” Like the last time I could fit Elektra in her infant stroller, or in that first pair of shoes. This has really helped to keep me present in Elektra’s life. When I complain about her being too heavy to carry I remember my friend telling me that her kids don’t want to be carried anymore and that she would do anything to have them ask her the same. SO grateful for those that walk before me and share their experience with me! THANK YOU for sharing yours!

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  2. This post made me cry. I am entering a new stage with my eldest daughter. She is 9, I have 3 others aged 5, 6, and 2. And they are still quite small, and innocent. But my 9 year old is all-knowing, mad at me for nothing in one breath and loves me in the next. She is becoming a dreadful tween with moments of innocence but most of that is fading and it makes me weep for the time I had with her. And even though I look forward to what the future will bring, it makes me sad I can no longer piggy back her up the stairs because she is taller than me! xo Great post!

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    1. Thank you so much. Hannah is 8 and I recognise a lot of what you describe. I am also looking forward to all the new things we can do together, and wanting to be thankful for the past. However there are moments when I just want to weep for my little girl, I want her to stay little and safe and near me. I guess I am learning about letting her grow up!!

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