A Cornish Adventure

Today we went on a Cornish Adventure

Because it was a cloudy day in early June,  this involved walking to the beach equipped for all weather – swim suits, wetsuits, sun block, jumpers, towels, buckets and spades.

We set off just after high tide,  this beach can only be accessed at mid and low tide.

Down the cliff path, we walked, it was lined with bright pink flowers.

Star has struggles with depth perception so this was a challenge, I must have said “step” over a hundred times…

She kept on going and the view was worth it



After Eddie, Hannah and Ben had donned their wet suits and Star had started digging, I found a comfy rock ( if there is such a thing) and watched them play.

Soon Hannah and Ben were becoming more adventurous and they set off with their Daddy to be explorers.

They returned excited as they had swum between some rocks and had discovered a “secret beach” on the other side.

Ben was so excited … He said “Mummy, I wish you and Star could see it.

About half an hour later the tide had gone out further and Ben got his wish…



They played on the secret beach, digging tunnels like the smugglers of old.

We explored caves….



And as the sun started to dip beneath the cliffs a grey seal appeared in the water. (Sorry I didn’t get a photo.)



As they got into bed tonight we thanked God for adventures, beaches, caves and seals.

We are thankful that the one who made all of this has counted the hairs on our head and numbered our days.

Psalm 98:7-8 NIV
[7] Let the sea resound, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. [8] Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy;


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