Adoption and Mothering Sunday

Adopting Star

We are approaching our first Mothers’ Day as an adoptive family. And this quote is frequently on my mind:
“A child born to another woman calls me “Mummy” the depth of that tragedy and the enormity of that privilege are not lost on me.” (Jody Landers)
Tragedy and privilege.
Two mothers approaching Mothering Sunday, one will receive cards, smiles, chocolatey kisses, crafts from school and clubs, the other lives in a house, once full, but now empty of children.
Sometimes the weight of that tragedy is overwhelming. We have photos of Star’s first mother, we know where she went to school, the things she enjoyed doing and some of the choices she made.
There are so many questions I would like to ask her “why?”

“why did you choose to do that, why him?”

“why couldn’t you (or wouldn’t you) accept help?”
Sometimes there is just anger and “how could…

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