“Together “

It has been a tough few weeks. The girls, myself and DH have all been ill. Someone has been ill in our house for the best part of a month. It seems that every time we get close to “being a family” in the way we want to another challenge comes along.

Today in the midst of my busy, ordinary day a little ray of sunshine came.
Star and I have an almost daily discussion that goes like this:

“Please hold Mummy’s hand.”

“No” or “why?”

“Because we are in a car park / near a busy road and Mummy needs to keep you safe.”

(This is because physical ability of a 5 year old plus danger perception of a 2 year old is a dangerous combination, add to that the potential for her to get triggered into a fright or flight response – let’s just say – I wear shoes I can run in at all times.)

Also Star like many children, is able to happily run from A to B but walking the same distance is not okay. It might result in a sit down protest in the road, or screaming or trying to be carried.

Today’s conversation on the way to the swimming pool started the same as usual :

“Please hold Mummy’s hand.”


“Because we are in a car park and Mummy needs to keep you safe near cars.”

“Swimming, Star run.”

“We need to hold hands to stay safe, Star.”

Star took my hand and said

“Run together.”
(This is the first time she has ever said “together”.)

And so, smiling we ran along the path to the pool.



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